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tv   News  ABC  October 8, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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more cases of meningitis surfaced, just ahead, we will tell you what you need to know. what kind of mother would give her 11-year-old daughter a tatoo? police say not a good one. o's fans celebrate the return of october baseball. now it's time to get down to business, a must win game tonight at camden yards. all right, charlie is down at the yard this morning, a little chilly. >> you had an overcoat on. >> absolutely. >> you are representing the ravens. >> proud of the orioles each though it was a tough loss last night. you are think they will turn things around tonight. you will let us know how to navigate and the yard. obviously there will be a lot of people there.
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they will know if they need to take the poncho. >> this morning, overcoat. you saw charlie. see how chilly it is. frost and freeze alerts this morning. further to the west, not dealing with it across the area, you are going to be dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. speaking of the temperatures, look at what we have, i'm going to the 30s, mount airy, perry hall, 42 baytonsburg, temperatures below average, looking at patchy fog this morning in spots as well, seeing the humidity at 100%. those are the areas. also, right now, dry, maryland's most powerful radar, this is going to change as we go in to the afternoon and the evening. looks like today is going to be a carbon copy of yesterday, rainy in to the afternoon. heading through the planner, by lunchtime, temperature at 54 degrees, 57 the high temperature with mostly cloudy skies and rain falling. now a check of the time saver
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traffic with loren cook. good morning. >> if you are traveling in harford, a crash has cleared, involving a bicyclist who had been struck on route 7 at hidden string drive. the scene is clear. no problems in the area. 95, no problems in white marsh. 395, everything moving along fort mc henry and the harbor tunnel in great shape. heading out to 695, parkville, harford road. no problems on the inner loop towards 95 and outer loop clear towards towson, pulling up drive times and traffic starting to pick up on the west side, no significant delays, 12 minutes from 795, down towards 95. a look at time saver traffic, meagan, over to you. deadly meningitis outbreak is spreading and the number of cases jumped to 91. linda so joins us now, are
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there more cases in maryland. we have had some, one more confirmed case over the weekend, health officials say another person got meningitis from those steroid injections, that brings the total number of cases here in maryland to three. one only who has died. the centers recalled all of the products, there are 91 confirmed cases in nine states, 7 people died. outbreak has been traced to a contaminated shipment of drugs, contaminated with a fungus causing a rare form of meningitis. familys with loved one whose got the tainted injections say they are living a nightmare. >> so this type of meningitis is not believed to be trance miserable from person to -- trans mitted from person to person. >> the symptoms includes fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea or
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vomiting. go to to get a list of all the 7 medical facilities in maryland that received the contaminated steroid shots. linda so, abc2 news. woman has been arrested for giving her daughter a tatoo. this woman, clay, told them she didn't know it was illegal to tatoo someone under the age of 18, even with parental permission. her daughter asked for a tatoo and she used her tools to give her a heart above the girl's shoulder. if you have seen them, the answer is yes, sting bugs are in full force. the pests are moving inside, hiding in the walls and cracks, waiting for spring. as we have learned there is nothing that you can do to get rid of them. >> i've tried some of the off the market traps and different sprays which did nothing for
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us. the bugs laughed at them. they keep coming. >> researcher says stink bugs could be the biggest threat to farms or your own garden. the one we have seen in the past 40 years. >> today is columbus day. the celebration began with a mass. there was brunch and of course the great parade that follows. just ahead, most of us have lived in tiny apartments at some point, because they are cheap. would you pay quarter of a million dollars for this? why this tiny apartment comes with a such a big price tag. flying to space, first official commercial flight takes off, we will give you the details.
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in the tough economic times, the real estate market is still holding strong and appears london is certainly one of them. the tiniest apartment, a hot commodities check out this flat, nothing quite compares. we are talking all of it. there is not much more, 10-foot by 4, basically then it's also
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8-foot by 4. >> unusual, unique. i would point out the high ceiling, the natural light coming through and the potential refurbishment and location. >> ignore the fact it's tiny. >> the original asking price, $145,000. it's been well exceeded. the top offer is 250,000 dollars. you might wonder why it's so small. one reason, location, this tiny apartment is in the best part of london, and next to a department store. that's a popular spot. still, small apartment. the first official commercial flight to the international space station, is expected to reach its destination on wednesday. the rocket blasted off last minute from florida, the company space x is behind the launch. unmanned capsule is packed with a thousand pounds of cargo.
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everything from low sodium food to clothing and computer hard drives. fbi says it is worse than ever, just ahead, what the agency is going to do about the growing number of people terrorizing pilots in the sky.
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good morning everyone, we had rain roll through the area last night. now, we are nice and dry on maryland's most powerful radar. that could be changing in to the afternoon and evening. we will do what we did
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yesterday today. temperatures are cold this morning, coming in at 38 degrees in glennwood and dew points 38. we are dealing with fog this morning, jefferson, more of the same with temperature around 38. winds on the light side and variable. this morning and this afternoon. ellicott with the temperature at 39 degrees. on this day, the temperatures this morning are in the 30s, it's a cold one. we are looking at patchy fog across the area. five miles of reduced visibility in york. a crash in arundel county, route 2, if if you are using 97, no delays up to 695. 95 also going to be in great shape heading to bwi airport. no problems, nice and clear as you head up towards the tunnels
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as well. here is what the beltway looks like, northwest at old court road. traffic picking up in the area, looking at a 12 minute ride now on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95 inner loop clear through the pikesville yankees took the game one by the final, 7- 2. orioles fans stuck with the team. down at the ballpark, charlie, you are chilly, a lot of rain, some may say the mvp, orioles ground crew. crew got credit for getting the
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field ready. the enthusiasm, orioles fans showed for the return of playoff baseball has to be repeated tonight. highlights going there. the enthusiasm has to be the same tonight as it was last night. jones tweeted out this morning that you got to have it back. this was the o's nation he heard about. the o's started 7- 2 last night. big 9th inning by the yankees as they exploded.
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>> we had chances there. good people up, had solid years for us. it's a tribute to him than any detraction from our guys. i was proud of our club the way they competed, played defense and pitched. it was found watch. >> reporter: fun to watch for him and orioles fans, first pitch tonight at 8:00. josh charles will throw out the first pitch and the colors, presented by the fire department. for now, live at camden yards, charley crowson, abc2 news. for the first time in more than two decades, new fire house is going to be dedicated in howard county. the ceremony will happen glennwood fire station this morning. the crew will cover the west friendship and lis ben area of the county and easy access to route 97 and interstate 70. ken you willman and the chief
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are going to attend today's dedication. they wanted the name of the street changed and now they have had they wish granted. starting today, coon hunt court is no longer going to exist in columbia. the street will be named april wind court. eler this year, 6 households petioned the county to have the name change because of disorderly incident on the street. keeping students in the classroom, cutting down on absences, it's a age old problem put a big problem. baltimore city schools has a new plan to cut down on absences. sherrie johnson has more on the plan, they are doing something. what are they doping? >> they have a plan in place, it's looking look it's working out. more students attending class. baltimore setting an example when it comes to attendance. five to 7.5 million
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kindergarten to 12th grade students are absent each year. they misone day out of ten, in maryland, the rate is 11%. it's one of six states that track the issue. repeated absences are common in kindergarten and high school. low income students are likely to miss class due to transportation or health issues and have to work and take care of family members. they alert parents about absences. they talk to families when students are missing class. >> hidden problem, bacteria in a hospital. it creates havoc, we are not measuring it. >> we have to go the extra mile. the school system is texting principals and saying there are a large number of students absent. what going on? >> reporter: the baltimore public school system is rewarding students for good
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attendance with special field trips. anything to keep them in class. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a consumer alert, honda recalling 268,000crvs , the vehicles affected are model years 2002-2006, concerns now about nower window master switch that could start a fire even if the car is off. owners are told park the car outside until the repairs have been made. honda is asking if you have an infected crv, go to an authorized dealer to have the switch inspected and repaired or replaced if you need to. doctors and nurses want to make shoo sure you stay healthy. today, staff from sphvment joe's medical center will be at the white marsh mall giving out free flu shots, starting at 10:00, until 7:00 in the evening. staff will be on hand to offer free advice on how you can stay
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healthy. st. joseph will only administrator the vaccine for anyone over the age of 9. children 9-17 must have a parent or guardian present or signature. komen race for the cure is coming up, taking place in hunt valley in just about two weeks. there is time to sign up, we want you to join us every year. thousands run and walk to raise awareness and raise money for breast cancer treatment and research. job the komen race takes place sunday october 21st in hunt valley. register by calling this number 410433 race. or always log on to komen we are starting to think pink all month long at abc 2. we are partnering with the university of mailed green bomb cancer center for a think pink house call segment.
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medical experts will be in our studios to take calls and answer questions that you may have about breast cancer, they will be available from 5:00 until 6:30 tonight. attorneys for the jerry sandusky sex abuse case are expected to meet with a judge today to discuss tomorrow's sentenci hearing. the former assistant coach was convicted of child sex abuse earlier this year. he is expected to spend the rest of his life behind bars. fbi working to combat laser pointer attacks on pilots. officials say there could be 3700 laser pointer in accidents this year. -- pointer in accidents this year. snail mail, post offices
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will be closed. it's columbus day. banks are closed today because of the holiday. everything will re-open tomorrow. california governor jerry brown is asking for an immediate relief for a cheaper blend of gasoline to bring the cost of prices down at the pump. drivers have seen a huge spike in gas over the past couple of weeks. prices average $4.65 a gallon compared to $3.84, national average. hallmark are going to be closing doors and it's because of emails and social networking sites. people are buying greeting cards and shifted to using the internet. 300 people will lose jobs because of the closure. time to get a check on the weather, over to lynette charles, rainy day yesterday. we need the rain. it's cold and raw again for
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today. look at the temperatures, coming in the upper 30s, northville, ellicott, ijamsville, 40s in northeast and also 46 rock hall, denton 43, edgewater 41 degrees. outside, see for yourself, what is happening, we have the clouds beginning toncrease around bel air, the same in manchester, that's going to be the story as we go throughout the day. satellite and radar picking up on the clouds, rain towards the north and east, in time for the game. you probably are going to need the ponchos and a heavy coat. today, i'm going with 57 degrees, it's going be a cool day like yesterday. here is the forecast, 54 degrees as the game tonight, it's going to be cool , the winds light and variable, we will win, nonetheless. this is the forecast for tomorrow, around 60 degrees, more sunshine in the forecast, with more sunshine as we head in to thursday. a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning, those
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orioleses are definitely going to win. best of luck to them against the yankees tonight. you will want to expect congestion near camden yards, first pitch, 8:07. before then, you will want to be aware of that. no problems right now, 95 through the tunnels. nice and clear, the jfx, no problems downtown, this is what the beltway looks like, baltimore national pike, everything moving along, you are looking at a 12 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95. before we go, imagine walking in to your house finding a bear cub trying to devour everything it can get its paws on. a couple found the bay eating everything and finishing off the chocolate cake and going through the trash. chocolate cake, i say, can't blame the cub. thank you so much for joining us, animal control got the bear out safely. >> good. go orioles.
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